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Improve Your Advertising SEO, Email List, Social Media Online Marketing  for Less

The Yellow Pages phone book and print advertising have been displaced by internet marketing.  Now, it takes a combination of media platforms to drive traffic



only $97

Originally  specializing  in  coupon books  and  then, top-rated direct mail, COUPON COUNTRY has adapted to the times featuring still popular coupons along with all the NEW top-rated  (online) marketing…

Includes ALL of the Following Marketing Platforms:

(The Most Complete Marketing Anywhere)


1) OPTIMIZED WEBSITE (or Landing Page if you already have a website, which drives traffic to your site)

                –  Still popular COUPON(S) (if applicable to your business) used as centerpiece

–  VIDEO has become our ‘secret weapon’  that will rank your site QUICKLY in Google top pages. Yes,        we will put together a simple, generic you-tube video for your business with the main              purpose of            helping to rank your business high on Google (Google , the number one search    engine, by far, owns           Youtube and will rank you higher with a video; we can usually get you on                 page one of not only           Youtube, a search engine in itself, but Google, too, for popular keywords

TESTIMONIALS and REVIEWS are a website to drive traffic, whether it be YELP, Amazon or other even    your own client reviews,  potential customers and Google LIKE these

PICTURES and GRAPHICS are important  – You provide or us

LINKING – to internal and external sites is key for high ranking

–  KEYWORD  Optimization  are key so people will find you on Google and other Search Engines. Includes               bolding and italicizing and underlining important words and phrases necessary  for visibility and top ranking

–  Google XML Sitemap also important to enable top search results

–  MOBILE-responsive  theme for the growing number of mobile users (now 60% of shoppers)

Check for  Page ‘LOAD TIMES,’  key for people staying on your page

Various ‘SUMO’  website  extensions and plugins for improved optimization



After the initial ‘Infrastructure’  Website/Landing Page Set-up, we are ready to begin ‘Driving Traffic’ using a combination of many media platforms including the following:

2) COUPONS – Still popular Coupon (if applicable to your business) used as key part of other various    postings, from social media to email, directories, text, etc., linked to your website/landing page


3)  SMALL AD/COUPON  used for Facebook, Email blast, directories and other ‘outside’ marketing used as        key graphic   for these additional ‘drivers’   – linked to your website/landing page


4) EMAIL – Every 1-2 weeks we blast you coupon/ad (as above) to our proprietary list of thousands of local         buyers and                  coupon users who have subscribed to our email  email  list over the years. You           benefit by these rather than have to spend years building your own list (which you may also do)

                -LEADPAGES a key way of building our email list,   used with popular coupons and offers to help                            , which , in turn, helps your business with more and more people seeing your ad in our  email blasts



5) FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, INSTAGRAM and other Social Media – Additional key traffic ‘drivers’ to       your        webpage or landing page. You don’t necessarily need your own facebook or twitter as , like            email,     we have built our own proprietary list of thousands of local  followers on any number of   Facebook             Pages, e.g. ‘’ comes up in FIRST POSITION on Google

                –  Use of BUFFER and HOOTSUITE to schedule and bulk post to various social media

                –  RITETAG with appropriate hashtags and influencer tags for additional social traffic boost

                – CO-PROMOTE – A new trend in social media which significantly helps boost your traffic shares


                – INFLUENCERS – We email and post to top these top social media people who, in turn, share add          information to their followers for more viral effect


6) DIRECTORIES – Post to key directories like, City Search, AOL, etc. through bulk media:

                -ONLYWIRE goes out to up to 50 such directories

                – YEXT goes out to over 100 more directories

                These are paid services that WE pay for – not you!


 7) TEXT (SMS) – Similar to email blasts , as above, text blasts go out every week or two to another       proprietary list  of hundreds of  text users, who will receive your  coupons/ad


8)  BONUS: FREE Listing and logo on, America’s biggest directory just for signing up


9)  OTHER – We’re always posting and advertising on other various media, both free and paid for additional exposure of  your ad/coupon which is always linked back to your site. This includes cross-linking to many of our over 50 niche websites.


10) The Next Big Thing – We’ll Be Sure to Promote your business

Top Rated  10-in-1 Marketing


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 Most Complete Advertising- Marketing for Less

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